Meandering on footprints with Oasis and Noel Galagher, Wild Child Of Rock’n’Roll

If religious groups were to start demonstrating against us and putting Oasis’ career in jeopardy, wouldn’t that be fabulous? It didn’t stop Marilyn Manson and people who are religious are really funny people… It’s all blind-faith with a money-basket at the end of it! No, thank you…”

When one is on the mount of popularity the reality becomes a parallel universe. Three years ago, while promoting ‘Be Here Now’ album, OASIS were the greatest band in the land, riding on rock notoriety but hanging out with our dear PM; and, Noel Gallagher was generally full of cock-talk which turned out to be a coke-talk. The band had Knebworth Festival behind them, ‘(What’s The Story) Morning Glory?’ was a mega selling release (its current standing at 4.2 million copies has made it the best selling album of all time in Britain!), the band’s (well, Liam’s mainly) antics were regularly reported by the tabloid press while Noel kept on talking about making 3 albums only before calling it a day…

After a (musical) pause of a couple of years things started developing unexpectedly for the band with two founding members leaving but not before completing work on the new album, ‘Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants’ (a misquote of Sir Isaac Newton’s sentence from a letter dated 1676), Creation closed its sonic-setting doors… Two new members, Gem Archer (guitar, ex-Heavy Stereo) and Andy Bell (ex-Hurricane #1, Ride guitarist has switched to bass) joined, Noel founded his own label, Big Brother… In meantime the Gallagher brothers became husbands, Liam had a son Lennon and Noel recently joined the star-parenthood league with a baby girl Anais (after Nin, the French erotic authoress)… The older brother sold his ‘Supernova Heights’ in London, moved to the countryside (Chalfront St Giles, Buckinghamshire) and purchased Mike Oldfield’s villa in Ibiza for wife and “kids (?) to be safe while I’m touring…”

Dressed in flared blue-jeans Noel is holding court in Alvin Lee’s (of the Ten Years After legend) studio the band has leased for a year as its creative base (and conveniently near to his new mansion); the guitarist/songwriter we meet today has become — after discovering self-criticism few years ago when he started dissing ‘Be Here Now’ and even its predecessor, ‘Morning Glory’, designating them the ‘coke-albums’ now — humble, self-deprecating and reasonable instead of brazen, loud and the biggest thing since… the pre-sliced Beatles? When everything appeared to be settling back on the up-escalator again, the news arrived of a Dutch TV programme claiming to own the copyright to the ‘Big Brother’ name for Europe and was considering suing the band for using it for its label’s moniker. At least the ‘Shoulder Of Giants’ is reality-based album, Noel concurs.

More on this in a series of upcoming articles, so we’ll keep you posted.